About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to Everything Bump!

My name is Naya and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been living in the San Francisco, Bay Area for over 10 years now and have fallen in love with this place, over and over again!

I have wanted to start a blog for quite a while now and decided that it’s never too late to start one. When I was pregnant with my little one, who is 13 months already (how?!), I found myself searching the dos and don’ts  of pregnancy, every single day. I had information overload at some point but quickly realized how to dial back and stay focused. Through this blog, I plan to share some learnings, helpful tips and insights on pregnancy, being parents & partnership, motherhood journey, fitness, health, food and recipes! My goal is to create a community for moms (Nepali, brown, all moms) and make this a trusted space to have open conversations and learn from shared experiences. No preaching, no judgments, just women supporting other women!

Disclaimer: this blog represents my personal experiences and views only. I am not a medical expert and any medical questions related to health, baby, pregnancy, etc. should be directed to your doctors.

I’d love to hear from you on anything else you want me to share or any questions you have about the bump.

Thanks for visiting 🙂

XO, Naya