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Hi there!

Welcome to Everything Bump!

I decided that it’s never to late to start on a blog. This is especially true when you have life experiences to share. I recently went through the most amazing life changing experience when I had my little baby girl. I will be sharing tips and tricks on pregnancy, baby related matter, food and everything that’s gotta do with the bump! I searched the web so much during after after my pregnancy ( dos and don’t of web browsing), it was challenging to find a central place for most of my questions. So I’m hoping that this blog can at least cover some basics. Please note that this blog represents my personal experiences only. I am in no way an expert or suggesting that this is the right way, it is merely my point of view of what has worked for me 🙂 Perhaps I’ll get some suggestions that I can use for for second one (maybe)?

I’d love to hear from you on anything else you want me to share or any questions you have about the bump.

Thanks for visiting 🙂