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Traveling to Maui with Baby

Beach, Sand, Waves, Family: all the view in the world I could ask for right here πŸ™‚

My husband and I have been an avid travelers for years now. We love traveling, beaches, historical sites, adventures, you name it. I take great pride in being able to plan trips (single handed most of the times) and honestly planning trips give me that energy and rush that I crave. I am in my element when I get to organize events, checking off action items and lists, and making sure everything goes smoothly prior to the trip so that the travel day is relaxing.

However, since being pregnant (bad morning sickness) and after our little one was born, we put a little break on our travels. After all, traveling with a baby requires a lot of planning, a lot more than finding a great destination.

We recently traveled to Maui with our 9 month old daughter. When I first started planning for the trip, I researched quite a bit on Google :). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a site that gave me comprehensive details that satisfied my needs, they didn’t have the specifics that I was looking for. I was basically looking for a prescription on here what you need when traveling with a baby to Hawaii. Since our travel, a lot of my friends with little kids have reached out to me asking to share tips on traveling to Hawaii i.e. planning, packing, activities, etc. I thought doing a post would really help a lot of other parents who really want to travel but are scared by the thought of planning. This post is meant to be simple and to the point so if you have any additional questions please comment below and I would be more than happy to respond. Enjoy your travels!

Below are some very basic but important tips:

  1. Book your flights so that it aligns with your LO’s nap time. Depending on where you’re flying from, it takes anywhere from 6-20 hours. If your flight is longer than 6 hours then it doesn’t really matter when you fly. However, if it is 6-9 hours it’s best to get a flight where your baby can right after take-off.
  2. Similar to the above point, it’s best if you can feed (bottle or breastmilk) during flight take-off and landing. The ear pressure change, because of the rapid change in altitude, can really irritate the babies and they may cry throughout the flight. So, feeding them right during take-off will help. I know, I know, you can’t just make up an ideal scenario that works perfectly for the baby. So then what do you do? Give him/her water to suck on or give them half the milk during their regular time and the other half during take-off or landing.
  3. Kids can entertain themselves on the flight for hours. Don’t keep them constricted. Instead, let them explore, while being cognizant of the people around you. Babies are cute, esp, when they are yours BUT other passengers may not quite feel that way. Be respectful of others’ space but also don’t be that ultra-cautious parent that doesn’t want to be one of those parents on the flight. You don’t need to take a lot of toys, may be a book or two, some snacks, let them play on the floor (when it’s safe), let them say hi to people. This will definitely relieve you of the unnecessary stress.
  4. Last but not the least, try to get them to take their regular naps. Whether that means you rock them to sleep or carry them on a carrier. By now, we all probably know this, babies are the happiest when they are well rested.
  5. If this is your first visit to Hawaii, just set your expectations right, you will definitely not get to do everything and anything as you would’ve imagined. If you baby has a schedule you have to work around that and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You just have to plan smart πŸ™‚ and you can see that on the next post. You’ll still get to enjoy the place and it will be very family focused for sure.
  6. Travel light! Instead of going through the hassle of taking the car seat and stroller (worrying if it will make it in one piece), just rent. It’s such a peace of mind. It’s not expensive to rent at all. We got ours from Maui Vacation Equipment. They send you instructions on where to pick up, which is right by the airport and also close to Target in case you need to buy anything immediately.
  7. Most importantly, stay at a place that is convenient and accessible. Whether you choose to do Airbnb or stay at one of the resorts, find an area that is not too far from attractions on your list, the beaches and the city center should you need anything immediately. Remember Hawaii is an island and anything and everything is very expensive compared to the mainland. If your LO is already eating solids then I would recommend getting a place with a kitchenette. You also don’t need to take a lot of food from here as you can get them at Target.
  8. I’ve heard and read that some people find baby sitting through the hotels so that parents can have a night out. I personally didn’t do this but if you are comfortable with such an arrangement I think it’s absolutely worth it! We traveled with my mom so one of the nights we asked my mom to put the baby to sleep while we went on our date night and it was just what we needed, our cozy just US time. We get so busy with daily lives and baby activities that it’s so so important to find that time for ourselves.

What’s in your baby’s luggage?

There used to be a time when I used to have my own luggage with everything and anything I could possibly need for a trip. Same thing with my husband. However, this time the story was a little different. My husband and I packed 1 suitcase with our must haves that we took as a carry on and then we had 1 luggage with all the baby stuff that we checked in. Because this was a slightly longer trip for us, we wanted to be doubly sure we packed everything we thought we would need for our daughter. Although a lot was packed, not everything was required. Below is a list of what we think is useful:

  1. Diaper (day and night) & wipes
  2. Aquaphor
  3. Snacks for the flight
  4. Pack some lentils and rice if you plan to cook there. You can also buy it in stores, but could be a bit of drive from where you’re staying.
  5. Swim suits
  6. Infant Sunscreen (a must!)
  7. Flap hat (if you baby keeps on a hat ever)
  8. Ergo Baby (baby carrier)
  9. Baby float (our LO absolutely loved this)
  10. If you plan to hike or walk a lot I would recommend Osprey Baby Carrier. You can also check this in as a car seat which btw is free of charge
  11. Pack light onesies and also dresses and or shorts for the baby. It can get a little chilly, in the evenings, depending on the month you’re traveling.
  12. Lastly, pack their lovey. Our daughter is obsessed with her blanket and she soothes herself with her little blankie. This will be handy especially during the flight and bed time.

And even if you forget anything it’s absolutely alright! You’ll realize how resourceful you can be during such time. Don’t sweat it πŸ™‚

Things to do and places to eat

Planning activities while carrying and infant can be challenging. As my husband and I have been to Maui before, we were ok with not doing some of the ‘must dos’ in Maui. We, instead, chose to keep it relaxing with a few activities. Below are my top 5 activities we did this trip:

  1. Maui Pineapple Plantation Tour: We really enjoyed this tour. Our daughter was asleep on the Ergobaby during this tour and we were in a slow moving tram. The area is fun with pond and pineapples and great scenery .
  2. Lahaina Banyan Tree and the surrounding Lahaina area: this can be a bit touristy but, I mean, we were tourists. We also stopped by our favorite Ululani Shave Ice which was just about 10 min or so walk.
  3. Our first few nights were at the Courtyard by Marriott in Wailea. While this area is lovely, all it has is resorts and restaurants. We felt like it wasn’t very accessible. The hotel also did not have a private beach which made it a bit difficult for us to enjoy. However, we did get a date night at the Ka’ana Kitchen where we did the bitters and bites. This was such a great experience, although a bit expensive, I think we definitely deserved to splurge :D. We were lucky that my mom was there to babysit for the night.
  4. We also made sure to check off some of the restaurants that were on my list and were delicious. Star Noodle: probably the best garlic noodles I’ve ever had. Coconuts Fish Cafe: we really liked their fish tacos and my mom enjoyed the kids portion mahi mahi ;). Monkeypod Kitchen had the best and the strongest Mai Tais of all the ones we had so far. Last but not the least, our fav, Foodland from where we got our bottomless supply of Poke. You MUST make a stop at Foodland to grab the variety of poke served the right way!
  5. Finally, hanging out at the hotel pool and the beach. Our second of the trip, we stayed at the Westin Nanea Ocean Villas, Ka’anapali which was so much better in terms of everything! There were quite a few families there but not too crowded. We spend days at the pool sipping Mai Tai and hanging at the beach with our baby girl playing in sand. On the morning that we were checking out, we wanted to get some pictures at the beach. It started raining a bit and all of a sudden I see double rainbows!! Rainbows make me SO HAPPY and there were TWO!! We got a few pictures and that was just the perfect ribbon on our trip πŸ™‚

I hope this helps you get started with the trip planning. Please do share any other helpful suggestions, tips or hacks you use when traveling with an infant.

Happy & safe travels!

XO, Naya

Planning Your Pregnancy!

Happy New Year, my ladies and gents!

It’s the New Year and I know a lot of us are thinking about new beginnings whether it be on the fitness, mental, spiritual or life :). Making a big change in our lives is always nerve wrecking and we’re never sure if it’s the right thing or the right time. How can one even decide when the right time is to bring another human being into this world? Now that is a loaded question and only YOU know the right time. You and your partner should’ve probably already talking about this for a while now and you know this year might just be the right year for it! Some quick tips before I start on how to plan on getting pregnant:


  1. Being married for certain number of years does not determine your readiness for baby. This is a collaborative exercise and you and your partner need to feel ready emotionally, physically and yes financially.
  2. Do not listen to what others have to say, esp. my Desi Community people. First comes: “when are you getting married?”, then “when’s the baby you’ve been married for almost a year now” and next when’s the second baby. Does it ever end? Listen to YOURSELF.
  3. You will get anxious by the thought of it but think one little step at a time. You don’t have to think about birthing (trust me, this isn’t even the hardest part, oops) or sending them to college just yet. Again, listen to yourself and find out what the anxiety is about. Talk to your partner and talk to yourself on preparing yourself for this.

Just how do you plan, where do you start (besides the obvious), what are some pregnancy checklists? Let’s get started, shall we?

Health: assuming that you have made a decision on getting pregnant this year; the first and foremost thing to ensure is that you are healthy to have a baby. You may have heard; healthy mom equals healthy baby (considering everything goes well). Here are things to do:

A. Health is the number one priority for you when you plan to have a baby. Find a gynecologist and set up an appointment to get a physical, view your iron levels, any other blood work, etc. Your partners should also get a physical done along with blood work to get all the bases cleared. Now, I’m not a doctor so please use discretion when following any advice on this blog post. Take the right prenatal vitamins that works for you. I personally took the NatureMade. I also have heard great things about Rainbow. Take prenatal at least 3 months in advance of trying.

B. Physical health and fitness go hand in hand. No, you do not have to be an athlete or someone with a six-pack.. However, it is highly advisable to be physically active whether you do yoga, walk/run everyday for 30-45 min, or do other sports. Being involved in physical activities before and throughout the pregnancy will help you stay fit and also happy. It releases a chemical known as endorphins and it triggers positive feeling in the body. You want to stay positive throughout your pregnancy as they say the baby senses everything from the momma (no pressure) πŸ™‚ However, if you are trying to lose weight, I highly encourage you to do so before trying because you can end up putting on a lot of weight during pregnancy and also after and the cycle will continue. Being in your best shape before pregnancy will help you get back into shape quicker too, just my experience. See my “What to eat and types of workout during pregnancy” post (coming soon).

C. Mental health plays a big part in the whole process. Keeping yourself calm (yet being yourself), composed and aware of your feelings will help you throughout the pregnancy journey (just life in general too!). I highly recommend doing at least a 10 min meditation (guided or self) to connect with yourself and your emotions. I personally used Headspace. Going back to staying positive meditation will definitely help you with that effort. You’ll thank me later πŸ™‚

D. Financial planning is one of those topics that I know is really important but I am no expert on it. It should be understood that with an addition to your family your expenses are also going to increase. You should also think about whether you want to wait. It also depends on where and how you decide to spend your money towards your little one. For example, decorating baby room with the most high-end furnitures and carpets, etc. If you can afford it, great, if not, then don’t go crazy! Babies literally do not care about what’s in their surrounding and the older they grow the messier everything will get πŸ™‚ So be wise and spend wisely.

Last but not the least, download an app that will help you keep track of your ovulation cycle. As crazy as it sounds, you will need to monitor the days that have ‘higher chances’ at you being pregnant and schedule your sessions with your partner accordingly! I used the Glow Cycle & Fertility Tracker and we followed it religiously. However, some people feel that it takes the excitement out of the whole thing and puts pressure on people. Do whatever works for you.

I’m sure there are a million other considerations you can search on the web. Just like with marriage, you will know when you’re ready to have a baby. I cannot emphasize this enough: use your judgment with the things you read on the internet. Not everything that is found on the web is true or even applies to you and your life. And remember, don’t be a hypochondriac!

Happy beginnings to those who are trying this year!

XO, Naya

Baby Shower Gift Registry Solved!

Ah you’re about 32+ weeks and getting excited for your baby shower. Who doesn’t love being celebrated? The feeling of being showered with love and being around your loved ones is all I wanted for my baby shower. Getting gifts for others is always challenging! However, when it comes to picking gifts for yourself, it’s always an exciting time. Well baby shower isn’t quite picking gifts for yourself (sort of is, though) the process of finalizing baby shower gift registry is laborious to say the least. It’s an art you see:

  1. You need to categorize the items you need
  2. Then you need to start identifying all the different brands of products you want
  3. Then you need to research these products for benefits, safety and ease of use
  4. Decide whether to go with Amazon baby registry, Target, or mix it up?
  5. Lastly, you’ll need time, a lot of time to narrow down your gift registry

It requires a lot of patience which is a good practice for what’s to come soon πŸ™‚ I spend numerous hours researching and was finally able to come up with my registry (message me if you would like a link to it). I did however realize that there were certain items I could have done away with. With that said, here’s my suggestion on what you really need for baby shower gift registry:

Big ticket items:

  1. Bassinet/Crib: We really like our Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. Pros: The Swivel feature is quite nifty when you need your baby to be closer to you. I also highly recommend adding Graco Pack and Play to your gift registry. Baby can just hang in here while you eat or do other chores. We also used this as our LO temporary crib when she started rolling over.
  2. Car Seat: ours is a Chicco Infant Seat; however, I think I would recommend Britax Pros: runs wider, good side impact, consistently ranks high and ease of use
  3. Baby changing pad: we absolutely love our Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad. Pros: keep track through App on your phone, smooth and soft surface, easy to clean, does not get cold or warm and most importantly you can weigh your baby (before and after feed). This is especially useful if we want to know just how much breastmilk your baby is getting. I may have been paranoid about it. Con: sometimes the weight may be off if you have things around it (kinda annoying)
  4. Stroller: We had the Chicco Keyfit Caddy but soon realized that we needed something more sturdy which can be used for up to 2 years and may be more if we choose to have more babies. So, we switched to Uppababy Vista. Ok yes, this one is expensive but we thought it was well worth our investment because our baby is so much more comfortable in this. Pros: comes with a bassinet which we used for road trips. The stroller is so much sturdier and also very easy to maneuver. Cons: It is kinda bulky and takes up a bit more space than Chicco.
  5. Baby Monitor: We have a small place yet we found it extremely helpful to have the Infant Optics Baby Monitor. Pros: easy to assemble, has good coverage. Cons: does not show correct temp of the room, signal can be weak (out of coverage), battery life could be improved.
  6. Activity Gym: our LO really enjoyed being on her little gym. I would definitely recommend getting one of these
  7. Sound Machine: I’m sure you can just use a laptop or a phone for sound but that may not be convenient. We continue to use our Hatch Baby Rest sound machine. Pros: can control volume, sound, color through app on your phone.

Baby Essentials:

  1. Sleep Swaddle: in the first few weeks (up to 3 months) babies loved to be swaddled. Our LO broke out of SwaddleMe swaddles within the first month. So we ended up using Miracle Blanket Swaddle quite a bit. This one definitely seemed to work a lot more and I would highly recommend it. Last but not the least my very favorite is Halo Sleepsack. We slowly progressed from swaddle to sleepsack to now early walkers. We’ve been quite loyal to Halo so far πŸ™‚
  2. Baby Hygiene: I don’t know how but babies tend to create a lot of booger. The Fridababy Nasal Aspirator is a weird but genius idea by Fridababy. It’s so much easy to suck the booger this way than having to use that suction bulb which omg ugh just get Frida. I would also get the Frida nail filers. Trust me, clipping nails in early weeks is quite nerve racking.
  3. Bath time: Keep it simple. I like the Aveeno products but go with what suits your baby. We also got a tiny bathtub but if you have a big enough sink I think you should be able to use a large bucket. We really like her big baby bath tub
  4. Aquaphor: this is a MUST. Order multiples. It will help your baby not get rashes. We apply this generously on our LO’s tush before putting her to sleep and it helps her sleep through the night. Obviously, this is before you move on to night diapers but we continue to use it.
  5. Pacifier: this is a hit or a miss. Some babies can’t be without a pacifier, others hate it. In the early months we got our LO used to this; however, after 5 months we weaned her off.
  6. Baby Carriers: I too was skeptical about some of these baby carriers. However, once I actually put in the effort to learn to use them, they came in very handy! My two favorites are Solly Baby Wrap and Ergobaby. Please do take time to watch the instruction videos on YouTube and you’ll find yourself using these everywhere you go.

These are just a few of the absolute musts (besides diapers, wipes, bottles) from my gift registry. I hope this helps you get started with you baby shower gift registry!

Good luck!

Xo, Naya

Caring for a Sick Baby

Guys! This week my baby got stomach bug and it was scary! Being first time parents, my Hubby and I were nervous about the first real kind of illness for our LO but as always we were a great team and tackled the situation well!

So background: On Tuesday, our little chicken was a little fussy during the day while we were feeding her. Normally she enjoys her lunch time and finishes her lentil soup without any hassle. However, Wednesday was a little different. We just thought she was being difficult. Then throughout the day she was fine. She snacked on some mild cheddar cheese and grapes. We went for a walk and then came home around 7PM.Β  We put her to bed around 7:30 PM. She woke up crying around 10 PM (she does this often but also goes back to sleep instantly) and sat on her bed for a while (still crying). My husband went inside the room and found out that the bed was completely covered in her vomit. IT WAS SCARY! She was crying this whole time and needed mommy πŸ™ We changed her, held her for a bit and since she was still very drowsy I put her down. She started crying again so I held her and soothe her. 2 min after that she started throwing up all the milk that she had in her and started crying. I was panicking but needed to stay calm so that baby can stay calm too. My husband called the nurse and we were told her monitor her for any rashes or temperature and also recommended Pedialyte.Β  I held her for most of the night (it was a rough night) and made sure she got some sleep. Wednesday morning, she woke up with a temperature of about 101 (rectal). We gave her Tylenol and monitored her temp throughout the day.Β  Again, that day, I held her for most of the day and comforted her. We only gave her formula and no solids and Pedialyte every now and then. We also made sure that she had enough wet diapers (4-5) for that day and her stool was okay i.e. no blood. She had about 25 ounces of milk that day (she normally does 30 ounces plus solids) and did not want to eat anything else. We gave her Tylenol just an hour before her last bottle of milk for the night and she went to bed at 7 PM. She slept through the night πŸ™‚ but I checked up on her occasionally just to make sure she was ok, no temperature. And today she is doing even better πŸ™‚

Baby Care Tips:

  1. Best to have baby medicine available (check expiration date). I recommend keeping Tylenol, Pedialyte on shelf. Always ask your doctor for recommended dosage of medicine, it varies by age/weight.
  2. If you’re giving medicine to your baby, try giving it before food (at least 30 min before) and not with the food. That way the medicine is absorbed by the body even if they throw up.
  3. Listen to your baby. Baby’s have this special way of communicating to their parents if they need something. We knew she needed to be held (even when putting to sleep) and that’s what we did. Babies feel better when they are well rested. Don’t change their sleep cycle, keep all the routine the same.
  4. Couples working together! If mom is taking care of the baby then dad can take care of household chores such as food prep (and vice versa). Take care of each other! We took turns taking naps since we were both quite sleep deprived.
  5. Take a deep breath! That’s exactly what I did when I found myself panicking. My panic wasn’t going to resolve the situation. I need to take care of things so I took care of my anxiety before that.
  6. Wash your hands often, clean your surroundings AND if you’re sick avoid kissing the baby no matter how irresistible they are (nom nom)

Important Note: don’t forgot cuddles, LOT OF CUDDLES!

Our babies are growing up and building up their immunity.

Hope this helps!

XO, Naya

Preparing for postpartum

As mamas or to be mamas, we have so meticulously put together all the baby essentials well before (may be a day or two ago 🀣) baby’s arrival. In all the excitement preparing for the baby, we tend to forget about ourselves and what we need. I hope that this post will help at least one person prepare better for postpartum. This post contains a list of products I used during pregnancy and postpartum.

Note: for all the dads to be reading this post, πŸ₯‡Β for you if you can get all of this sorted and organized for your baby mamas πŸ˜€

Breastfeeding Essentials:

Bamboobies Nursing PadΒ whether you’re breastfeeding or pumping, these pads are a must for you to avoid leakage.

Breastpump: I used the Spectra Breast Pump which I really liked. It doesn’t make as much noise as some of the other so called ‘hospital grade’ pumps. Please check if your insurance covers breast pumps. You may want to read up on the instructions and set this up before the baby comes. The last thing you want to do, during zombie-mode, is learn how to use the pump. More on everything breastfeeding in the next post!

Bottles/Rack/Milk Storage: Doctors recommend introducing your baby to bottles in the first 6 weeks of life because apparently they won’t take the bottle, otherwise. We got Avent bottles and also used the bottles that come with Spectra Pump. Our LO (little one) was fine with either of the bottles. I know some babies can be picky so you may need to experiment. However, don’t give up! Especially if you’re going to be going back to work.

You’ll also need aΒ drying rack for the bottles. Lastly, if you have good supply, milk it (pun intended)! Get freezer safe storage bags, a marker and dividers for your fridge to store milk.

Nursing Bras: Get at least 4 of these. You’re going to need them! Wearing under wire bras are going to be pretty rough in the beginning and you want easy access for the baby. Warning: you may never want to go back to normal bra lol

Self Care:

Extra Heavy Maxi Pads: if you have not heard this before, let me be the first to share the news, you bleed a lot after delivering a baby. For weeks! These along with some DependΒ will be your friends for a while!

Earth mama natural nipple butterΒ I literally used this everyday, each time I breastfed, for about 7 months. The first few months of breastfeeding was brutal and I had cracked nipple. This butter helped me a ton. Breastfeeding post coming soon!

Wet Wipes: trust me, you don’t want toilet paper down there for a while πŸ™ƒ

Peri Cleansing Bottle: I got a squirt bottle from the hospital and it was easy and simple. Remember anything postpartum should be convenient to use. I know a lot of people also get the Frida momwasher

Shea Butter: this really helped me during and after pregnancy. My belly was really dry throughout pregnancy so my husband would apply this on my belly everyday :). I can’t vouch for whether this helped with stretch marks though.

Massage Oil: before you do any kind of home massage be sure to check with your doctor. I really liked this Aroma Therapy massage oil as it helped relax my muscles. I used it during pregnancy as well as after baby. In some parts of the world, it is recommended to get oil massage everyday, postpartum, as it helps the body recover faster.

Postpartum Belly Wrap: if you had C-section, this is a must! In general the belly wrap is supposed to help get the belly back in place; however, it also helped me greatly with any lower back pains after numerous hours of breastfeeding and holding the baby.


Mattress Protector: I got a new mattress so decided to protect it. I had a number of ‘accidents’ so i was glad I bought this!

Beverage Storage: It’s important to drink lots of fluid (lentil soup, bone broth, fenugreek water, etc.) the first few months to maintain milk supply. It’ll be handy to keep one of these at home. Prepare the liquid of your choice in the morning and drink up all day!

Water Bottle: have a water bottle with spout always by your side. Remember you’ll need to stay hydrated because you’re now hydrating another life πŸ™‚



1. Bamboobies

2. Spectra

3. Milk Storage

4. Bottles

5. Maxi Pad

6. Nipple Butter

7. Wet Wipes

8. Peri Cleansing Bottle

9. Shea Butter

10. Massage Oil

11. Mattress Protector

12. Beverage Storage

13. Water Bottle

I’d like to know what else you guys would add that I may have missed.

XO Naya